Usage :: Other Unacceptable Conduct

The following acts by customers are unacceptable:

  • Security breech or disruption of net communication or attempts to do so.
  • Pornography on our site.
  • Deceptive on-line marketing practices. Suspected activity will be referred to the enforcement arm of the Federal Trade Commission. For further information review the Deception Policy Statement on the FTC web site
  • Violating the privacy of individual users on the Internet by reading or otherwise publishing their e-mail or private communications to other users.
  • Electronic "stalking" and other forms of harassment. Anything on the Internet can, and will be traced if it appears that criminal laws have been violated.
  • Introducing or attempting to introduce Trojan horses, worms, and other types of viruses into Vwave's network or other users computers. Suspected violations will also be referred to law enforcement authorities.
  • Chain e-mail and, or other types of pyramid schemes are strongly discouraged. It unnecessarily takes up available bandwidth.
  • Disruption of network host systems, network services, or any other type of network, host or server attack. Offending users will be immediately removed from our system and reported to the authorities.