Usage :: Definition of "Unlimited Internet Access"

Some users feel that "Unlimited Internet Access" means that they can stay connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is not the case. Generally "Unlimited Internet Access" only refers to the ability to access the Internet without having restrictions placed on what you do or where you go while you are online. With Vwave it also means that, except for those with limited usage accounts, customers are not charged extra regardless of the amount of use. While there is no extra charge we expect our customers to be reasonable so that everyone can enjoy quick and convenient access. It is not dedicated access - we do NOT allow customers to dial in and stay connected. The system will disconnect customers after 10 hours of use or 30 minutes of idle time (no activity). For those who wish to stay connected Vwave offers "Dedicated Internet Access" accounts for dialup connections. In some cities there are other “always on” alternatives. In Valdosta Vwave offers DSL.. Vwave reserves the right to disconnect anyone who is abusing our service by attempting to obtain the equivalent of dedicated service without paying for that level of service.