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Residential DSL

We offer DSL service throughout the 444 Lata and the 229 area code. If you are interested in DSL service please call our support line to confirm availability.

Our Broadband DSL provides you the fastest connection to the Internet! Vwave DSL is "Always On" which means you're always connected! Vwave’s Residential DSL is ideal for customers who want to browse websites, use Instant Messaging, or run weblogs, and play games online at a fast speed. Vwave’s redundant connections, and excellent Technical support make our DSL the most reliable Internet connection in South Georgia!

1.5 mbps as low as $ 32.95 a month

3.0 mbps as low as $ 37.95 a month

With VWAVE DSL you'll get:
  • Speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up! Forget about slow downloads.
  • An "Always On" connection! Say goodbye to connection delays.
  • Surf and talk at the same time!
  • upto 5 Email Addresses