WaveWorks :: Hosted PBX

Vwave's Hosted PBX service WaveWorks is one the most trusted and reliable communication solutions available today for business based telephony services. We provide our customers with a solution focused on reliability, quality and security. Vwave combines our Hosted solution with a custom-tailored engineering plan and expert project management throughout the entire integration.

WaveWorks combines the enhanced features of a Next Generation IP PBX, with the reliability of traditional PBX platforms. WaveWorks also provides our customers with the flexibility of an open, standards-based networking platform. The WaveWorks platform delivers phone service that is fully redundant and scalable without huge capital investments, unlike that of a traditional PBX system.

WaveWorks is provided on our state-of-the-art data network that is delivered to you with complete Quality of Service (QoS), assuring toll-grade voice quality and performance.

At Vwave we focus on the details of your individual needs, like training your end-users after each installation. All our services can be billed on a single invoice and followed up by our top-notch support staff.

Vwave’s Hosted PBX Platform Offers:

  • Carrier-grade reliability and scalability.

    We own and operate the entire network to provide you with superior performance, service and support.
  • Single system for unified communications.

    We provide a wide range of features including call control, private voice networking and unified messaging.
  • Centralized management.

    Administrators can make modifications, additions and changes via an intuitive and secure web-based portal.
  • Relocation and growth protection.

    We use the inherent capabilities of IP networking to allow businesses to relocate or grow with a minimum amount of work.

Vwave’s Hosted PBX solution streamlines the customer’s deployment process. We leverage our expertise in Business Communications to ensure a smooth installation and reduce capital expenditures for your enterprise.