Physical Co-Location Services

Co-Location services are typically composed of the following parts: (1) Bandwidth connectivity to the public Internet backbone, (2) Rack space / Power Connections / Ethernet Switch and (3) Any additional optional managed services


  • Fully redundant climate controlled room
  • 100% switched network
  • Tier 1 provider
  • Bandwidth scalable to OC-12
  • Cisco Solution Provider
  • 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring available
  • Full DC Power Plant
  • Natural gas generator
  • Backup service available with off-site storage
  • Secure key-card access
  • Security System
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance
  • Physical access anytime during regular business hours. Shared hosting customers will be required to schedule access with a Vwave technician.

Bandwidth Connections

Fixed Ethernet Port Connection (Monthly pricing based on a 1-Year Term Agreement):
Price for Fixed Ethernet connection is as follows. All are burstable to 150% of the committed rate. Example: 3Mb is burstable to 4.5Mb. The amount of bandwidth you use in excess of the committed rate can be exceeded more than 10% of peak hours M-F, 8am-8pm. There is no limit on the amount of internet traffic you can use. These connections have unlimited throughput routed on redundant paths to the Internet utilizing BGP routing.

  • 1Mb (Burstable to 1.5MB) = $ 100
  • 2Mb (Burstable to 3.0MB) = $ 200
  • 3Mb (Burstable to 4.5MB) = $ 300
  • 4Mb (Burstable to 6.0MB) = $ 400
  • 5Mb (Burstable to 7.5MB) = $ 500
  • 6Mb (Burstable to 9.0MB) = $ 600

*Price per MB = $ 100

Pricing is based on a 12-month term agreement. Request greater than 6 Mbps, please contact us for discounted pricing.