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About Us

The people on our management team are the same folks that brought the Internet to South Georgia over nine years ago. The owners of Vwave are directly involved in the day-to-day management of the company and have a vested interest in making YOU happy.

Our Mission: We focus on providing reliable, affordable, and local Internet Service. Our primary mission is to operate and manage an ISP that does not frustrate our customers.

Customer Support: Vwave provides competent, friendly, and fast technical support to our customers. We have invested in securing the best technical support representatives available.

Your Privacy: We will never sell your information to third parties. Respecting your privacy minimizes the amount of "junk mail" received. Our service is designed for customers who want the value of pure, unobstructed Internet access. We do not clutter your online experience with junk mail, ads or banners. We do not serve advertisements or place tool bars on your browser. We do not derive any revenue from selling or bartering your personal information to "list servers."

Security: All transactions involving sensitive personal or account information are encrypted using technology from Verisign, the leader in Internet Security. We filter our mail server for viruses on a continuous basis.

Browsers and E-mail: Make your own choice! We do NOT require you to use propriety browsers or e-mail applications. Most customers use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express which typically are preloaded on their computer. You can use the same chat and streaming radio features as AOL.